"Loving can hurt. Loving can hurt sometimes, but it is the only thing that  I know"
"Loving can heal. Loving can mend your soul..."

You know what? At a certain point you will realize that what you desire and what you are meant is not always the same. It takes time to eventually be aware of it. It hurts. It disappoints, of course, because you realise that wanting something or somebody so hard is not going to make you have it all of a sudden. Just because you are madly in love with someone does not mean that is written in your destiny. Sometimes is only a chapter in our lives, a path throughout  you will become the person you are now. But you know what? You will finally understand why it was not meant to be, and you'll be thankfull that it was never accomplished.
It is not fair, isn't it? You think that the more you love it, the more you deserve it. However, life does not work this way. You will realise at the end that life always has a better choice for us. It is just that we do not know it yet. 

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