I've never thought pretty much about it but today I'm gonna try it. I don't really know the way it is going to end in, however it looks that it has more branches than the ones previously considered.  I need to know it, I need to know the reason. Let me know it, I need to feel that this is real. Because when I'm kinda falling into an spiral of darkness, I do not really know how to act, how to behave in order not to let the gloom blind me. Because everythings seems to be going perfectly in order until all of a sudden I get lost. I get lost and think that this is the last time, that there's no returning, no way I can save it. I need to distract myself, I need to focus the pain on something else, otherwise it will drive me crazy. It is not easy to go away from there, you need to be really strong, and bear in mind that your will is the most powerful weapon you could ever have.

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