Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Everything's going quite well so far around you, it seems that you do not need anything else to be happy,  life keeps giving you all you ever needed or dreamt of. However, one day, all of a sudden, something changes. It is as if you were now two puzzle pieces that cannot fit together anymore, as if everything had been only a dream, experiences belonging to another lifetime. This way two people stand trying to find the reasons why they ended up being together throughout a common life. People that used to walk along, that used to hold hands... Everything appears to be distant, remote, as if it did not have connection with you at all. Now laughing is no longer true, there is no illusion, not future at all, just frustration. The only matter that remains is frustation,  resentment or bitterness. Perhaps is just pain dressed up in rancour, pain hidden behind these spite feelings simply making the effort of ending this story uninjured. You cannot imagine how horrifying and heartbreaking can be staying with one person that makes you feel lonelier than the loneliness itself.

Don't deceive yourself, a broken heart is painful. Is harsh, is unbearable, is thinking you are about to die. Is feeling your soul tear into pieces, is missing someone that you truly know is not coming back, is willing to run away even from yourself, is wanting to scape and not looking back...
Nevertheless, falling out of love is another story.

Falling out of love is frustration, is apathy, is boredom. Falling out of love is knowing you are facing a dead end street, is knowing there is no solution at all, is looking yourself falling into a spiral full of indiference and anxiety, is attempting to avoid the final disaster with no success, is closing your eyes to the truth, is looking for apologies and possible responsible ones. You refuse to see it, until one day with any warning the truth is revealed. And there you see. And there will not be time to turn back. There will go the questions you will start wondering; was it even real? did it really happen? Because it will seem so remote to you that you would not be able to distinguish what was real and what was not.

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